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the healing happens in the water pt.2

Our lymphatic system is dedicated to moving toxins out of our bodies. Tangible toxins, pathogens and dusts and dyes are among the more familiar which come to mind, but what we've lacked discussion around is our toxic thoughts and emotions and how our bodies manage them.

Our ability to ebb and flow through our life with ease is a goal for so many of my clients. What can happen when we hold on to emotions (fear, grief, anger, hatred, failure energies, etc.) that consume us? Disease manifests, just like free radicals creating disease and accelerating the aging process. Western medicine looks at the skin from the lens of, you are sick therefore your skin expresses X. What if the opposite were true? Your skin is expressing the dysfunction from the inside out, trying to tell you something is wrong. That's the true path to healing an unpleasant skin condition. Often these diseases present themselves through symptoms in our skin such as sallow/dull complexion, congestion, pigmentation, dark circles, 'angry' rashes, blemishes and irritations just to name a few.

Our bodies are capable of holding onto emotions and we are all aware of how difficult it can be to truly release emotions with ease, even if we know that it would be best to 'move along' or 'forgive'. Our emotions are part of the water aspect of our lives and the very things that change with ebb and flow allowing us determine when to transmute energies for change (ie. anger to action). Our emotions are meant to be messages about our current situation, whether it's for you or not, whether that was the feeling you wanted when you did what you did or experienced something. Most of all, our emotions are meant to catalysts for inspired action, propelling us to align with how we really want to feel. "Yes, let's do that again." or "No, thank-you."

Our emotions are held in our lymph which is our bodies waterway system. Just as the lakes and oceans we are surrounded by serve as the major body of water responsible for importation/exportation of goods to and from other lands, our health relies on this system to move our emotional body to keep us emotionally balanced. Too much land and the water cant flow (related to our bodies: too much inflammation in holding stress in our muscles creates a lack of flow). What if you could release the emotional baggage of your life through your facial treatment? What if you could feel unstuck in your life, taking inspired action to create an aligned solution to feel that way you want to feel?

So how does that look exactly? Remember that time you were really angry and you were told to go for a walk or to run it off and you totally felt better after? What you helped do was transmute your energy through the act of moving lymph (filtering toxins)! In Ayurveda, all fluid circulation in our bodies is governed by our Sacral Chakra (second chakra) and they have observed how emotional blockages in this chakra (mostly anger, fear) lead to lymphatic blockages among other health issues. This chakra governs our fears and our creative energy meaning we could feel literally “stuck” in our lives or "stuck in fear".

This chakra is healthy when we are finding creative solutions in our life and are able to live through transmuting fear into healthy and inspired action. But sometimes it is hard to see past our situation and thats where the work that we do, can assist in getting things moving. In this chakra region (pubic region) we have a dense network of lymphatic nodes and vessels and the idea is that the more we can create solutions to our problems and transmute energies of anger and fear into aligned action, we continue to flow through our lives and successively our lymphatic system health. Likewise, we can increase lymphatic stimulation through massage and lymphatic focus to stimulate the flow...see below...

When we hold emotions such as pain and trauma in our Heart Chakra, it blocks the lymphatic passage ways to the axilla (underarms) and ultimately

the efficacy of facial nodes as well to flow as the main drain is located just under the clavicle. If the axillary nodes are congested with emotional baggage or toxins governed by our hearts, you can bet we will see puffiness and inflammation present. It is through the consistent movement of water through our bodies (increase movement + increase fluid intake) that we can ensure full health of not just our physical bodies but our emotional bodies as well.

While having a facial massage or moving our bodies we have the power to increase cellular metabolism, lymphatic stimulation and increase emotional turnover as we bring in more fluid to be filtered. When we combine the work that we do physically through massage and lymphatic drainage with an affirmation of intention to heal we subtly stimulate the para-sympathetic nervous system to put the body into a complete state of bliss and commencing the healing process of releasing emotional toxins that no longer have a place here. Facials have the power to renew the body through meditative mindfulness when we stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system while simultaneously moving stagnant lymphatic fluid- the system responsible for our bodies ability to rest and digest. How many times does your tummy grumble when you're in a treatment?

When we work with the lymphatic system and choose to hold the intention to heal in the water, allowing our massage strokes to intentionally release the tissues that are holding tension and energies that are not in our client's greatest and highest good, we see how as aestheticians we can do so much more for our clients than just hydrating their skin. I love to watch this fluid system dance beautifully under my fingertips and tools during a session with my clients. I love seeing the faces of my students when they too can see the magic of this system bringing bliss and relaxation to all their clients. We work intentionally to restore their health; mind, body and spirit through increasing fluid flow and releasing toxins be it physical toxins or emotional toxins that create sluggish flow, puffiness, stale looking skin and congestion.

The emotional tides that our bodies are meant to ride are not always easy. In a society where we find ourselves creating no space for feelings and emotional vulnerabilities, we often would think that we do best pushing these things down, presenting with a joyful and fulfilled facade. The truth for me was always in my skin. I was erupting. My skin was oozing the "emotional baggage I was too strong to have to deal with” and virtually gave me no option but to look at the healing that can take place in the water. Work on your flow, ride the tide and release the tears my friends, the healing is in the water. How will you let go of the emotions that are holding you back from the freedom you desire?

Our process of skin analysis can give us many clues to what the skin is currently expressing emotionally. Let's all believe for a second that the skin is mirroring the internal workings or mis-firings of the body and expressing to us the level of dysfunction in particular areas of our life. What would your skin story be? We all have experienced this on some level including when we’re sick, we notice it in our pallor, grey/green skin or dark circles or we’re really elated and excited and people notice by our gleaming beautiful skin! And then we can reverse this thought, we can talk about manifestations of skin conditions. Acne, for instance, is my favourite discussion to have and it presents itself through anger, anxiety and an inability to let go. Acne can indeed be created through the skin expressing outwardly the anxiety and turmoil that lives underneath in the water. A holistic approach to the skin is to nurture the skin topically and delicately and work on the emotional body, gut health, and microbiome! Nine times out of 10 we create a skin care program that resolves around wholeness, emotional health, diet, topical habits and treatment modalities based on the analysis of the emotional stagnancy.

Your lymphatic system is complex and responsible for not only our physical wellbeing but your emotional wellbeing.

Working with your lymphatic system may be the catalyst for creating change in your life, releasing toxic thoughts and experiences, and bringing wholeness to a situation. We have to start thinking deeper into how we allow this system to empower our wellness journey while still looking at the delicate web that holistic beauty is.

Let's allow our perspective to shift from you have acne, book the chemical peel to you have acne, let's talk about your emotional and mental health, gut balance and wholeness journey.


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