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the healing happens in the water. pt1

As many of you know, I struggled immensely last year, and sometimes still do, with very intense eczema. The eczema journey is such a complex post that I will save for another day, when I want to get into all the connecting facets and ideas regarding eczema. But it was during this journey that I received a message through meditation that changed the way I understood the work that I did through lymphatic drainage.

I went through a meditation with the intention to seek out a way I was going to heal this, "what else can I do". We are already whole, we have the answers and if we get quiet enough with ourselves, we can find the answers we seek. During this meditation I downloaded the message that, "the healing happens in the water."

The more I do the work, I realize that this idea goes beyond the holy scripture's ideals of water in bathing and rejuvenation through the act of cleansing and as well the common humanly need of us to consume water daily for cellular health (after all a cell can only be as healthy as the environment [fluid] it exists in, just like us).

Water as downloaded here is so much more about the work that I do daily with the water systems in our skin and bodies, helping us to remain in ebb and flow of our life, rejuvenating and purifying, and cleansing away debris, including emotions while working with the water.


I am excited to share this mini series with you about the “water” of our bodies and the system that plays a large role in our healing and wholeness. I am so passionate about lymph and how working with this system can change our entire perspective of our health.

On this journey with you I hope to share some insight on physiology, energy and of course some great thoughts for home care routines. Today we're going to focus on the structure of lymph and how it works for us. In upcoming lessons we will look at topics like toxic over load and emotions in the skin.

Our lymphatic system is a beautiful body system that detoxifies our bodies, helps fight infections and is majorly responsible for our glowing beautiful complexions. Our lymphatic system’s structure is a beautiful roadwork of lymphatic vessels and nodes which run throughout our bodies mopping up an excess of fluid taken from the blood. Without our lymph system, we would die. As a very delicate system that resides under the thin layer of epithelial tissue which protects our bodily structures, we recognize that our lymphatic system does not have a pump the way our heart serves our circulatory system. Conversely, our lymphatic system utilizes principals of pressure and filtration to move toxins, waste, and pathogens out of the blood while also delivering nutrients from the blood, through this fluid, to the tissues.

This law of nutrient delivery is based on the amount of fluid (water) available to transport, and the space provided. Our lymphatic system can only move water based on two things; (1)the amount of water we have to move and (2) our ability to move the tissues.


More movement (increase pressure) = less stagnant fluid (more rejuvenation) = vibrancy in our bodies (including healthy skin and vitality but also emotionally).

Our skin has layers, this is not new information but imagine the layers in a simplified structure like this:






With a great deal of stress and tension, we often create inflammation in the muscle. In relation to our lymphatic system this creates a reduction of space in the layers and therefore making roadblocks for water flow through the lymphatic vessels. The product of these roadblocks include dull complexion, breakouts/congestion, dark circles, puffy eyes and crepe skin. The act of facial massage can increase flow by decreasing stress and tension (roadblocks) and encourage nutrient flow through these lymph channels. The facial massage serves the same purpose for our skin as a workout does for our bodies! Your skin has a memory and the more that it is ‘worked out’ the more efficient the system will be at moving these nutrients and removing build up of waste over time.

Without the ability for us to "work-out" the skin or consume enough water to encourage fluid flow, we notice symptoms of stagnicity. Stagnant fluid can result in puffiness, dull complexion, feeling stuck and sluggish in our lives.

Water movement through the two aspects of fluid pressure and massage act as a catalyst to remove toxins and aid in delivery of nutrients to our bodies. When we increase our water intake we create more filtration and encourage detoxification, purification and increased delivery of nutrients. This is how drinking more water improves our skin health. Can you say hello glow, clear skin and toned and sculpted complexion? Thank you lymph system! Our facials are focused on these tension melting intentions (often using a heavenly combination of tools and our hands) which improve the overall health, rejuvenation and glow of the skin! Great skin truly does happen from the inside out.


-our lymphatic system composed of a roadwork of delicate vessels which work when we stimulate them either through massage or fluid pressure. Without it, we would be dead

-this system detoxifies, rejuvenates, purifies and filters our bodies

-drink more water to assist in your fluid flow/movement, rejuvenation and delivery of nutrients to your skin (no flow, no glow)

-book regular facials as a means to working out your tissues and improving their muscle memory for your best skin

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