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Beetle. Not Juice but Juicy.

My sister always said that they never show a scene in a movie for no reason. The pan of the empty, ere forest and set up shot of the forbidden house always puts us on alert for an unfolding later on. Every word, conversation and phrase are placed on purpose and with an intention. There is no room for fluff. What if everything that happened to us on the daily was the same as in the movies? What if every thought, action, random occurrence, "bumping into someone" was done with purpose and intention?

This is something that I personally believe to be very true. We have the idea we have for a reason, we say something for a reason (sometimes just to be a jerk- lol), or something crosses our path for a reason. The universe is trying to get our attention, answer a question we asked, give us a sign of hope or let us know that we're on the right track. There are no coinkydinks here my friends.


This morning just that happened to me. A sign from the universe. Something I'd probably have missed if I wasn't intentionally being present and aware of my surroundings.

You see, I spent the latter part of the night last night reading and rereading the last post, making edits, condensing information and organizing thoughts. I kept thinking to myself that so much of the work I am doing right now, I don't understand how it all quite fits. It doesn't feel like the work I am familiar with, but I chose to follow the inspired idea and constant voice telling me that I just had to start something. I decided to act on the basis of faith, not fear.

With each of my projects, I like to be really intentional with an outcome. The truth is that this blog and I have no idea where the outcome may be. Sure I realize its therapeutic for me, perhaps inspiring for you and maybe just maybe you'll need the message I share but I am not tied to any outcome here. This is perhaps one of the very first projects in my life where I am not thinking about the's honestly magical. I'm present and just flowing through this process, seeing what comes of it. I have one other current project in my life that feels this way, and I am really excited to see where it goes (stay tuned next month!).

Back to the point. Last night. Intention and outcome. My thought was, "What potential does this blog or my recent projects actually have?" I went to bed.


Morning rolls around, two grumpy trolls (very cute though, if i may add) make their demands, a few bowls of cereal, a smoothie request, a quick toothbrush, hairbrush, licked-finger face wash, a wrestling of a bear to get his pants on, a hunt for his shoes and endless, "yes, you can have it when you get home. no you can't bring it with you. let's go. yes, of course. i said when you get home." later and I was stopped dead in my tracks when I opened the door.

A beetle greeted us outside our door.


I stopped and called the kids over. We admired the beetle (isn't he so pretty?) and I snapped a photo. I couldn't stop smiling. I was sooo excited to see why the beetle was sent to meet me at the door. No coincidence! I dropped the kids off and returned home to search, "beetle symbolism".

Most people see a beetle. Nature. Big woop. But I knew, that beetle had a message. Just like the stork, poppy and owl... (I manifest signs from the Universe and You can too, ask Gabrielle Bernstein!) That beetle was sent to share a message and this is what I found.


The beauty of the universe is that it is always intentionally putting ideas, symbols and messages into our awareness to help us arrive at our divine outcome. Answering our unanswerable questions. Instead of being present and choosing to welcome this inspired message into our awareness, we often discount it as just nature. That beetle was put on my path today to remind me that I am the beetle. The projects that feel small actually contribute to the community I chose to build 10 years ago when I started really exploring the idea of my potential. Today, I needed that reminder! My question was answered.

I encourage you all the find your beetle. Pay attention to your thoughts, your surroundings and be present enough to receive the divine messages set out to help guide you through your journey. When we ask a question, expect an answer and just be ready for whatever comes your way!


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