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I read energies.

As a international stage skater, I loved being on the ice with children, I was passionate about teaching and I commanded energy. So I went to school to be a skating coach.

I was my mom’s makeup assistant for weddings since the ripe ol’age of 12 and was very passionate for the beauty industry with my bronzed lipstick obsession ruling my life at 15. I started doing makeup for weddings.

Me and Mom

I was naturally talented in this industry and who knows if it was nature of nurture but the debate is of no importance here. “How do you do what you do? How do you know what colours to choose or what will look good on someone?”. Interestingly, as a medical aesthetician I had no formal training in makeup artistry what so ever. "I just read energies.” Booking 40 weddings a year by reading energies. (Yes, it totally goes back to people buy you!)

Funnily enough, this was sleepy Emilee talking. The definition of, “sleepy” here being used to describe an unawake, unaware version of myself just living my life appeasing the world around me. Minimal boundaries, no spiritual practices, no care of self or even awareness of the depth of that statement but something inside of me knew I read energies.

I had spiritual super powers that not even I knew about! Aside from reading energies, I have always been fortunate or perhaps bold enough in my life to choose to align to passions. Every single career choice I ever had was because I loved what I did so much, and I made a path to make money doing everything that I loved. I took everything I was passionate about and decided that was how I was going to change the world…err skater by skater or makeup face to makeup face, I still chose to align to my feel good vibes of what I did and made sure that I had opportunities to do exactly what made me happy!

Choosing to fulfil our deepest soul desires through our work, daily experiences and beyond is fulfilling and truthfully accessible to all of us, but yet so many people have the belief that they COULD NEVER love what they do or do what they love! There are many people seeking their “life purpose” right now. The process of finding our purpose is the story of our lives, so if you haven't found it yet, you're in luck! It is work that takes time, constant work, unfoldment, ebb and flow, ease and lots of tears. It cannot and should not be rushed. Frankly, finding your purpose is like making a really good pot of chilli. So many ingredients, spices, so much chopping, the sauté, the simmer. These are all components to having a really good bowl of chilli! You know that chilli tastes better when it has time to figure out how each one of these ingredients plays a part in the chilli and how they each come together uniquely and harmoniously because it always tastes better on the second day! So let your journey of aligning to your life purpose be chilli. Take your damn time and take the pressure off of yourself to know what your life purpose is. Your soul has agreed to the journey which allows you the ability to experience the unfoldment of your alignment into your purpose every day!

You can start this unfoldment of alignment today by being honest with yourself about what you desire. By even having a dream or seeing a vision for yourself you need to realize that it is already a possibility and ready for your to manifest it into your reality, with a little work and time- just like chilli! Manifesting this reality requires us to ride the wave, tune in, hang out and let go. Instead of pressuring yourself to know what your life purpose is, maybe you could just figure out what it is that you love to do, what makes you happy, state what you’re good at and begin to align your life to your big scary dream or idea of living big through a small action.

Wanna play a game?

This is my adulting version of my favourite childhood game, Mad Libs, so play with me! :)

So let’s start the process of uncovering a little bit of your magic.

I want to feel ______(list three or four feelings)_______.

I enjoy doing ______(list all the things you like to do)_______.

Doing ______ (insert list of items here) _________ makes me feel _____(insert one feeling at a time from above and see what you can put on the other side) ______.

I couldn’t possibly ever be _________(something that you’re not good enough to do/scared of/way to big to even tell your best friend)__________. Whats the scary thing, idea or unimaginable freedom ticket in your life? ___________________________________

If I could be anything, I’d be ________________?

Now close your eyes and envision this …you’re glowing, you’re in your magical happy place, feeling all the feelings. Where are you? What did you do to get here? Who is with you? What does it look like? Feel like? Take your time and take it in. Feel all your magic, You created it after all… :)

Ask yourself, what’s one action you can take to align to this magical feeling TODAY?

What is one small or large, action step you can take to feel the way you want to feel in your own life?

How can you be one step closer to living in your magic every single day?

Today my action to feel ________(from above)________ will be _______(insert action here)_________. So that I can ___________(big scary thing)_________.

The scary thing, opening a spa in our small town!

If you’re still saying I don’t know, don’t panic! Continue to do the exercise and build your place. Continue to work through it and ask yourself, "What is the thing that makes me want to run away/ hide from, or makes me want to be sick to my stomach?" Maybe it’s a career vision you have manifested for months on repeat but could never possibly to great enough to do or a travel experience you've dreamed of or a passion of building a safe place helping all the animals. Choose that thing. The scary thing.

So you probably have some fear around being great, perhaps you’re still sitting there and saying, “I just don’t know”. I call bullshit. The truth is you do know. We all know, we just don’t feel that we have the resources to live our truth everyday. Maybe you’re just too scared to admit it to yourself because heaven forbid what you want makes you happy, shakes up your world and it means that you’ve pissed people off in the process. Well guess what? Aligning to your greatest and highest good, isn’t always going to make others feel comfortable and matter of fact these very people may fall away from your life completely as you choose to level up.

Mushroom anyone (not from the chilli but from Super Nintendo Mario Bros)? Yes, this process is pretty much like the video game featuring our main man Mario, a fly in and out Luigi, many obstacles, shortcuts, restarts, gold star earning moments, growing and shrinking and triumphant sound effects letting you know you’ve levelled up. The levels keep getting harder and harder as with more risks come more rewards and the opportunity to unlock a whole new world you’ve never imagined before. Push yourself to level up, get honest and raw with yourself and realize where you can choose to be aligned in your life.

O, and don’t forget to write yourself a permission slip to do whatever you gotta do to feel the way you want to feel. You’re worth it.


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