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Where To Buy Snow Pants

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Where To Buy Snow Pants

From the very beginning, style has been a defining component of snowboarding culture and has largely influenced the sport's gear and apparel as a result. Today, a good number of snowboarders still wear jackets and pants made by legacy brands like Burton, Volcom, and Quicksilver, although more mainstream names like Patagonia and Outdoor Research have entered the ring with their own freeride-inspired offerings. Below we provide a breakdown of the best snowboard pants and bibs of the 2023 season, ranging from premium, highly protective options for deep days to budget-friendly resort designs and models that cross over from the ski world. For more background information, see our comparison table and buying advice below the picks.

Volcom excels in the budget category (as seen with the Freakin Snow Chino above), but the L Gore-Tex pant here is a very competitive mid-range offering. Combining a premium 2-layer Gore-Tex construction with a breathable liner and inner thigh vents, the L will keep you dry on wet lift rides but isn't prone to overheating on spring-like days. Serious riders will also appreciate the articulated fit, which makes for a stylish yet functional freeride design that won't weigh you down. Tack on features like cargo pockets, extra stitching at the inner rise, and hem reinforcements, and it's clear that the L is a thoughtfully built snowboard pant through and through.

PocketsPockets are a significant style component of many snowboarding designs, which often include a range of rear, cargo, thigh, and handwarmer storage. Despite the myriad options, we recommend against packing these pockets full, as filling them with larger items can feel ungainly and restrict movement. Pants that have crossover appeal between snowboarding and skiing typically boast simplified layouts, but they'll often include at least a few zippered pockets for stashing personal items and snacks. Finally, backcountry-specific models like the Outdoor Research Skyward II put a greater emphasis on quality and functionality over quantity, with dedicated storage for items like an avalanche beacon and extras like a map or GPS device.

The biggest differentiator between ski and snowboard pants is their waterproofing. More waterproof pants often feature nicer materials that are often more expensive. This means that choosing the right ski & snowboard pants comes down to finding the right balance between cost and performance.

Aside from the technical weatherproofing stats, theres one more major decision to make - do you want shell ski and snowboard pants, or insulated ones While many ski and snowboard pants are just shells with no warmth components, there are plenty of insulated options as well. Insulated ski pants make a lot of sense for riders who spend most of their time riding chairlifts in colder parts of the world. The priority with insulation is always to keep your core warm, but if you have run into trouble with your legs getting cold in the past, insulated pants may be the right call for you.

If you decide that insulated pants are right for you, there are a couple of things to consider. Insulation is measured in grams per square meter, and the higher the number the warmer it will keep you. Some pants are insulated all the way through the whole shell, while others just have insulated zones around the bottom and thighs of the pants to keep you warm on the chairlift.

Most pants will have their fit listed, this can help you avoid the surprise of skinny pants showing up on your doorstep before your big ski trip. Likewise, you can read reviews to fins out how a particular pair of ski and snowboard pants or bibs might fit your body type.

The interface between your pants and your boots is a prime place for snow to work its way into your boots. So look for pants with an elastic inner cuff with rubber grippers. You can pull this cuff down over the boot so that it locks the pant down and keeps snow out. Do not ever wear this cuff inside the boot, it will be uncomfortable. Some snowboard pants have a cuff with a hook that loops onto the laces and holds the cuff down.

Still a young brand, Trew Gear has really broken through in the ski and snowboard markets thanks to their high-quality and clean-looking outerwear designs. The TREWth Bib here is one of their best all-rounders: The proprietary 3-layer PNW construction is reminiscent of premium Gore-Tex in both look and feel, and you get full seam taping with reinforcements, smooth-operating water-resistant zippers, and bomber coverage that keeps even the wettest of snow at bay. Tack on a high-quality fit and finish and generous side vents that run from knee to chest, and the TREWth Bib is the full package for both resort and backcountry skiers.

Flylow Gear flies a little lower under the radar than some of the bigger outdoor gear brands, but the Chemical pants are a solid offering. Like their Baker Bib above, this is a super tough design with a 3-layer build, Cordura patches in high-wear areas like the knees, and waterproof zippers. Given the impressive level of protection, they ventilate well and you can release hot air in four places: two zippered vents along the inner thigh and two large vents along the outside of your legs. It all adds up to a formula that has generated a cult-like following.

Most premium ski pants have a 3-layer construction, which incorporates three separate pieces of fabric: an outer shell, the actual waterproof and breathable membrane, and an inner lining. This makes it less bulky compared to a 2-layer design (these require a separate, hanging mesh liner along the interior), and also improves breathability and next-to-skin comfort. 3-layer pants are more expensive than 2-layer models and often involve big names like Gore-Tex and eVent. As a result of their strengths, 3-layer pants are popular among serious downhill and backcountry skiers.

VentilationTo aid in breathability, most ski pants offer a zippered ventilation system that amounts to pit zips for your legs. The most common locations for the zippered panels are along the inside of your upper legs or on the outside of your thighs. Either style will help dump a lot of heat, although the former design adds unwanted bulk and can occasionally impact comfort. Backcountry-specific pants often place the zippers on the outside of the legs in part for this reason. Flylow's Baker Bib has vents on both sides of the leg, which provides excellent cross ventilation.

Snowboarders and skiers who live in the San Diego area know that the sunny state of California has dozens of mountain resorts to do some major pike carving. Before hitting those slopes for another fun-filled time of half pipe shredding, you need the right snow gear to accessorize. Whether you require outerwear to keep yourself warm and dry on the slope, or snowboards and skis for your feet to glide over the powdery snow, Hansen's has all the snow gear you need to prepare for the winter season.

Hansen's has snow gear for men and women from top name brands such as Burton, Descente, Nils and Obermeyer. Whether you are looking for snowboards, bindings, snow jackets, ski pants, goggles, beanies, face masks or gloves, Hansen's carries all the snow gear you could possibly use to hit the slopes.

Put away the duct tape and the ragged same gear you've been using for the past few seasons. You can only do so many repairs before you have to admit that new gear will make your slope carving much more fun. Stop in at Hansen's for every accessory without spending your entire day hopping from one store to the next to buy just one piece of snow gear.

Full disclosure, we have not personally tried these pants. But several of our readers have, and they seem like a great affordable option. They also have 8,700 4.5 star reviews on Amazon, so I thought they should be included.

I like these bibs so much I have them in two different colors! I snowboard in some very cold and snowy conditions (in Jackson, Wyoming) and these bibs have always kept me warm and dry. I think these are the best bibs in this price range.

These bibs are waterproof, made pf stretchy fabric and insulated. Many of the pants we recommend in this post are shells, so if you are looking for a little more warmth this could be a great option for you.

These bibs are so comfortable. The front of the bib is a stretchy panel that sits just below the breastline. The back panel is that same stretchy panel for full range of motion. The pants have side zips for ventilation.

These bibs are really comfortable and have a more regular fit. Not slim, but not too baggy either. Perfect for layering underneath without feeling bulky. I can tell these are going to be fantastic on super cold, snowy days on the hill this winter.

Obermeyer offers several different snowpant options in short lengths and a wide range of sizes. The Obermeyer Straight Line Pant is a TMM favorite! Both Ginny an Amelia will tell you that these truly are the best snow pants for curvy women.

The pants are incredible waterproof and breathable (not insulated). These are a technical 3L fully taped shell. They have a very durable, rugged feel but a generous fit. The thighs are roomy without being too baggy.

Think about all those hours spent hauling kids up the sledding hill, or bent over while teaching your toddler to ski, and then treat yourself to a properly fitting pair of pants (or add them to your Christmas list!).

How about a northern urban mom Snow pants that you wear over long underwear or leggings are great, if you're planning a couple hours of outdoor recreation with your kids. But what if you just need something for daycare drop off in heavy snow Or any other errand Or just take a short walk bc your kid hasn't been outside in too long I'm looking for snow pants that fit OVER my regular pants, like toddler snow pants do, that I can pull on for a 30-min outing and then pull of when I get home. Does this even exist

Hi! Great question! A couple of about a pair of shell-type pants, sized up, for comfortable wearing over regular clothes. Or maybe even a soft-shell type pant that's a little thinner and more comfy for wearing over pants. 59ce067264

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