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Urology Mcq Free Download

Podcasts: Podcasts to supportthese lectures, which range from 7-15 mins, are available in the free ogg-vorbis format. Clickhere for an explanation of why ogg-vorbis is the best choice. You canalso download them in the proprietary mp3 format. The podcasts presentthe same material as that covered in the renal physiology lectures, but in a slightly differentway, hopefully to help you if you did not quite understand something or if youare revising for exams. You will probably not, though, be able to learn fromthe podcasts alone as seeing diagrams and photos is important (for this reason, the anatomy is notcovered in the podcast format: you need pictures). Also, thepodcasts are short, having been designed to last no longer than the walk fromPollock Halls to Teviot Place.

Recorded lectures: (all playable using VLC player, and many other platforms: please DOWNLOAD to play as this serveris too slow to cope with mutliple live connections). Please note that these recordings were made in 2017 and will not reflecttwo small changes being made for 2018; (a) my recorded lecture 1 includes some material that will now be given byProf Mathieson in lecture 6, and (b) the boundaries between the lectures have changed a little.Lecture 1 as ogg-theora, mp4, and aviLecture 2 as ogg-theora, mp4, and aviLecture 3 as ogg-theora, mp4, and aviLecture 4 as ogg-theora, mp4, and aviLecture 5 as ogg-theora, mp4, and aviLecture slides: The slideshows from each of the lectures areavailable in Open Documentformat, readable by LibreOfficeand OpenOffice: these packages are free in the full sense of the word and run onBSD, Linux, OSX, Solaris and Windows. You can also download the slideshows inpdf format. The slides never hadanything to do with Powerpoint, so please do not e-mail to ask for 'theoriginal Powerpoints', because they do not exist.

Tutorial: you can download the tutorial problems and answers in Open Document Formathere or as a pdf here (but only after the last group's tutorial has run! - it will be a broken link before then). 153554b96e

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