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Helping Out His MILF Neighbor Is Something He L...

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Helping Out His MILF Neighbor Is Something He L...

"It's just something nice I like to do to look out for my neighbors. They're all always grateful of this and thank me for it," he said. But recently, a new neighbor moved in and the man's kind actions were not as well received.

"He continued to scream at me to 'get the hell off my property and don't touch my s*** again!' The wife then came out and started yelling at me too," said the poster. "I apologized and started walking away. Some of my other neighbors heard the commotion and came outside to see what was happening. They tried explaining to him too that it's just something we do, both of them wasn't having it."

My neighbor has a small dog tied up in a very small patio but he barks all day and night and doesnt let us sleep. Ive told them many times about it and at the beginning thry did something about it but now they dont care what can i do

Act of kindness: I want to thank our nextdoor neighbors for helping my husband and I out. We live on Pinewood. My husband had a stroke recently, then he had to have carotid surgery 3 wks after that. 1 week later I was bed ridden due to my sciatica. I could barley get out of bed or even walk. Was in a great deal of pain and am allergic to almost all pain meds. Could not drive to see a dr and being now my husband was diagnosed with cancer I did not want to put his life in a bad situation because of the Corona Virus. Our neighbor nextdoor mowed our front yard today, we thought he was mowing his yard! We are very greatful we have neighbors that have helped us out. I also want to add our other neighbor on the other side came to my rescue to help me with my sciatica. She brought over a piece of equipment that has helped so much! We are so blessed to have neighbors that are very kind and helpful. A thank you from the bottom of my heart to our caring neighbors!!! Starting to feel better but taking it slow and not over doing it

When you are considering a gift for your friend with cancer, keep in mind their interests and hobbies. Also, think about your relationship. A close friend may be able to give something silly or unusual. But a neighbor or work colleague may want to stick with something more traditional. Keep gifts fun, interesting, serious, or light, depending on what your friend needs the most at that moment. 59ce067264


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