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The Fight Before Christmas

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Parents need to know that 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas is a documentary about the 7+ years long battle between Jeremy Morris and his local neighborhood Home Owner's Association in Hayden, Idaho. Morris reminds everyone constantly that he's an attorney, and that he'll sue anyone who gets in his way. Soon, Morris comes up with the argument that the HOA persecuted him based on his religious beliefs (even though nearly everyone else in the neighborhood is also Christian) and that's why the HOA doesn't want him doing his gigantic Christmas lights decoration show extravaganza. In response, Morris throws his neighbors into a lawsuit, deposes members of the HOA, and wins the right to decorate his home plus $75,000 in restitution. But the community fight back. Expect strong language, including: "f--k," "f--ker," "f--king," "s--t," "bitch," "nuts," and "screw you." Not much violence except for people arguing, yelling, threatening, and harassing others (mainly Morris). Some "3 Percenters" show up with guns and offer Morris protection.

Ultimately a profile of Jeremy Morris and his Christmas house decorating obsession, this docu is both fascinating and terrifying. 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas is fascinating primarily because of the sheer insanity of Morris, a man-child who is the epitome of White privilege, entitlement, and unmitigated litigious power (Morris can sue for free and seems to have no problem nor consequence financially with spending all his time fighting the HOA for over 7 years). Moment after moment of absurdity follow Morris and his wife, as they're hilariously oblivious to how they come across to everyone. For example, before moving to Hayden, Morris informs the HOA (and many neighbors) that first, he's a very powerful attorney, and second, that they need to accept his demands or else they'll feel his legal wrath. And then after moving into their new home and neighborhood, the Morris's are genuinely shocked to find that no one in the neighborhood welcomes them.

In Lisa's dream, it is WWII as Marge is fighting while Homer is taking care of the kids. During Christmas, Homer buys a Christmas tree to the despair of Lisa who is traumatized because last year she went to buy a tree with Marge only to find out that her mother was called to war. As soon as Homer gets the tree Marge is reported MIA. Marge's war scene ends with a reference to the theater act from the film "Inglorious Basterds" after which she goes back home to her family. It is then revealed that this segment was just a dream that Lisa had.

When Marge (in Lisa's Dream) goes into a movie theater to fight Hitler and his officers, they're watching a movie about a flying elephant attacking England (bombing Big Ben and throttling Churchill). While it's revealed that part of her dream was influenced by a toy elephant, it's possible it could be a reference to Dumbo, a Disney animated film that also premiered in WWII. However, one difference is not only that 'Dumbo' is fighting England for the Nazis instead of living as a circus elephant, but also that the dream sequence takes place in 1944 (the near end of the war), while the real Dumbo movie premiered in 1941 (the year America first entered the war after Pearl Harbor).

Playa and Santa gets into the workshop and finds Mrs. Claus and the elves fighting back against Clawz's Gingerbread men and Nutcrackers. Mrs. Claus assures Playa and Santa that The North Pole is safe, and surprises Playa that The North Pole was a weapon, in which Mrs. Claus confirms. Santa tells Playa that there might be a gift for them, in which they find a Christmastime Dubstep Gun, much to Playa's happiness. Clawz shows up and attack them, but he eventually gets repealed back, in which Playa points out that he may have jumped simulations.

A new documentary from Apple TV+ titled "'Twas the Fight before Christmas" captures a true-life twist on a holiday fable. Jeremy Morris brings a whole new meaning to Christmas spirit when his extravagant seas


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