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"Futurama" The Route Of All Evil(2002)


Having been suspended from school for salting the bully Bret Blob (who appears to have the same weakness as slugs), Dwight and Cubert find themselves stuck with their fathers. After the boys send the Planet Express crew on a fake mission to deliver pizza to a nonexistent planet and generally annoy the staff, their fathers order them to get jobs. They decide to start up a company to rival Planet Express: a paper route. They become so successful that they take over Planet Express when it is discovered that the Professor was declared legally dead three years ago (he was really taking a nap in a ditch in the park). The name of the company is then changed to the name of the boys' delivery route, 'Awesome Express'. Humiliated, Hermes and the Professor leave Planet Express. Meanwhile, Fry, Leela and Bender brew beer inside Bender, then they treat Bender like an expectant mom.

The kids order a pedal-powered space ship from a magazine for use on the deliveries, and start a paper route. Bender is now swollen with beer. Sal drops off the papers for delivery and the boys get to work. A montage later and they are very successful. Awesome Express becomes more profitable than Planet Express, but this fails to impress Hermes or the Professor. Rejected, the boys decide to crush Planet Express instead, and hire away the crew. The fathers hope to fight back with their loyal dregs, namely Scruffy and Zoidberg. Before they get very far, Cubert is able to inherit Planet Express after discovering the Professor had been declared legally dead three years ago. They rename the entire company Awesome Express.

The two kids reveal that their delivery company is really just a paper route and their parents mock them for it. The two kids send away for a personal spacecraft to start their route with and set out for their first delivery in their craft. This is followed by a paper delivery montage where they antagonize the horrible gelatinous blob's son again. The kids get more and more ambitious with their route and end up with a million customers. With their newfound wealth, the kids decide to buy out Planet Express and hire Bender, Fry and Leela in their place. They rename the company "Awesome Express" and decide not to hire back on the Professor and Hermes. 59ce067264

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