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Five Things Nokia Needs To Do To Improve Our Lives __HOT__

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5G will provide the fabric for a better world. We offer a broad innovative portfolio of solutions to underpin a more digital and sustainable world. 5G will deliver many things, from instant data, access and experiences to more efficient, productive and sustainable industry. Above all, it will be the great enabler, improving lives and creating a safer, more sustainable society. 5G provides the foundation for more productive, sustainable and prosperous society. It will underpin and bring together the power of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Blockchain and other new technologies and enable smarter working and living.

The transition to 5G is expected to be unlike any previous development in mobile communications. The order of magnitude improvement 5G will generate in data transmission will support a wide range of innovative technologies and business transformation needs.

We'd like to spare you any more storm analogies, but let's just say that the thunderclap of tech news continued this week with the first wave of reviews of Apple's new iPad Mini, Microsoft's big launch event for Windows Phone 8, and a refresh from Google on its Nexus smartphones and tablets. Here are five things you need to know about this week in tech:

I think different companies were grasping at the same factors but it was a different operating environment. Again, you can look twenty years out and see undeniable demographic data that we are going to have this number of Baby Boomers reaching retirement. The data is there, you know it's coming, you just have to decide what to do with it. Three to five years ago we were looking at a much more closed technology environment where it was going to have to be a Microsoft solution, an IBM solution or an HP solution. It was probably much more focused on doctor's technologies that were more focused on purely clinical or medical in their nature. Developing an application for just one of the handsets makes it much more difficult to scale up, but in the past four or five years across so many technology areas we have seen an opening of platforms. This has allowed more things to connect to other things -- devices connecting to platforms. Now you can take a somewhat open mobile platform, in the sense that there is a software development kit for an iPhone or an Android phone and anyone can write for it. It really opens up the gates of innovation. On the one side, on the innovation side, that's a key factor: There are so many more points of entry into this market now than there were five years ago is remarkable.

I think carriers are more comfortable but that's not to imply that the importance of these liability issues have diminished at all. It's more about finding ways to manage them. Already, operators carry emergency services communications and I think they will find ways to solve that problem. The opportunity is too great. If you look five or ten years down the road and start to talk about a SIM card in every device, in every medical device, then yes, they are going to want that opportunity. They will want to take advantage of it. They will find ways to work around it, deal with it or to maybe develop multiple tiers of service. It's probably no different from non-medical wireless services that have mission critical status. Emergency services for police are a great example. Finding ways to meet the various reliability needs of different markets is something they have done in the past. I am sure people like IBM and Qualcomm are on that right now. We often tend to forget as we are looking at consumer markets how much is happening in non-consumer markets that is much more heavy-duty and reliable.

But more than just for its entertainment and recreational value, 5G internet can actually save lives. It will boost the performance of self-driving softwares in autonomous cars and improve remote tele-surgery, among other technology that relies on the internet to facilitate operation.

Cellular phones have had


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