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jem aesthetics academy is the global leader in elevating the standards in aesthetic education.

our foundational belief, that skin health is influenced by physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies ensures that we consider the whole person, their environment, and their current state of wellness.


we give you permission to be your own life guide, surrendering to the co-creative forces with the universe.

whole skin method online alchemy session


align to the fullest expression of you + radiate your heart-centred creations into the world

/ what are alchemy sessions?

a one-on-one virtual exploration to deliver understanding, solutions and activations of energetic vibration to your life, business and wholeness. through our process we explore root causes, blocks and what else is possible so you can exist in all the places you've dreamed of.


$247 CAD

/ what you can expect to gain


explore + dissolve the resistances while alchemizing them into momentum; creating the life you desire! gain a deeper perspective, exploring the how and why around what keeps you from full alinement + wholeness


like your fairy godmother, poof and it is...kind of! let's turn your magic way up and play in the energy of your most divine you. everything you desire is possible through the alchemy process and some action in the follow through


what would your world be like if you were able to show up in the fullest expression of your wholeness? it's possible through our alchemy sessions to illuminate your path to freedom

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