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illuminate your path, embrace your power

light-like creation

we envision a world where individuals and businesses thrive by harnessing their inner wisdom and creative potential. our mission is to empower creators to embody their highest selves, transforming visions into reality with clarity, purpose, and authenticity.

about me

trusted consultant

from an early age, I have had an innate ability to see and create pathways to success where others see obstacles. Initially, I studied coaching and sport development and competed as a high-level national and international athlete. I even trained feeder teams for the national team before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey. my intuitive nature and keen sense of energy have led me to build multiple successful businesses, including a spa, training academy, skincare company, and an industrial company.


after diversifying and studying many energetic healing pathways, I’ve honed your skills in energetic alignment and healing, guiding clients to achieve remarkable transformations. effortlessly weaving practical strategies with mystical intuition, I empower clients to unlock their receiving potential and experience the success they desire, guided by profound wisdom and insight.

how to work with me

em is a creative consultancy for visionaries, clarity-seekers, and thought leaders

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[em]body collective


[em]erge clarity session


[em]power strategic consultancy

the [em]body collective is a transformational online community where visionaries unite to embrace clarity, embody their highest potential, and illuminate their path forward. this is your sacred container for expanse, collaboration + boundless creativity. 

[em]merge clarity sessions are personalized coaching experiences tailored to ignite your creative spark, dissolve limitations, and propel you toward your goals with clarity and confidence.  these sessions blend strategic insight with intuitive wisdom to catalyze profound shifts in your life and business.

the [em]power strategic consultancy offers exclusive, high-level strategic guidance for businesses and individuals aiming to achieve exceptional growth and transformation. this service is designed for those who seek a deep dive into their business strategies, operational efficiencies, and overall vision, both intuitive and strategic realms.

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